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Secrist Reborning Paint Brushes: FAQ 
  • What is the difference between Economy and Deluxe Professional brushes?
    Yes, there is a very big difference. Economy is a high value but lower performance brush while Deluxe and Professional are Master Quality precision result brushes.

  • What does "high value lower performance" mean?
    With Economy brushes you get a lot for your money but they are really for beginners because you can't paint the fine detail with them that is achievable with Deluxe and Professional. These brushes have flat-end cut fibers or hairs that are twice as thick as the Deluxe and Professional. That makes them twice as durable which is what beginners need because beginners are very, very hard on brushes. Twice as durable also means that they can only produce about half the fine detail which you can get from the Deluxe and Professional brushes. Fine detail is not important to a beginner because they are not yet skillful enough to achieve it even with the better brushes. Their first priority is to learn the steps to painting reborn babies then comes practice which leads to skill. Why should a beginner ruin expensive brushes? Practice with the Economy then move to the Deluxe and finally the Professional.

  • What does "Master quality and precision results" mean?
    Economy brushes are made in assembly line fashion with machines doing much of the work. The fiber ends are cut off to make the brush shape. But Master quality brushes are made by hand in the European method. They are hand-cupped with every fiber lining up to form the brush shape you see. In this way Deluxe and Professional brush fibers and hairs are never cut. This makes brush fibers with an infinitely fine tip. That infinitely fine tip on every fiber is what makes the tiniest details in painting such as eyebrows and micro veins possible.

  • Why do all of the brushes have the same numbers? For example the mop brush in each set has the number 3.
    Because no matter what brush set you buy you will still be able to follow along with Pat Secrist in the DVD as he demonstrates how to use the brush. So when Pat tells you to pick up a #3 Detail Mop you will know which brush to use whether Professional, Deluxe, or Economy.

  • Why are the handles so thick at the ferrule then slim down to the back end?
    The handles are known as Artist handles, and these are always on the better brushes. Brushes with an Artist Handle are easier to grasp and control and less fatiguing to use. Fine detail painting requires a professional grip on the brush.

  • What is a ferrule and what are they made of?
    The ferrule is the metal tube that connects the brush handle and fibers together. Did you ever see or read about those beautiful, expensive antique brass beds? Well the ferrules on the Deluxe and Professional brushes are made of the same precious brass. The brass is then coated with one of the most expensive electroplating metals on earth - mirror-finish nickel. Ferrules on less expensive brushes are made of aluminum or even plastic.

  • What are the handles made of?
    The Deluxe brushes are made of White Birch hardwood and dipped 3 times in metallic finish paint. Then they are dipped again in a clear protective satin coating. The paint on these handles will never come off on your hands. The Economy brushes have plastic handles.

  • How can the eyebrow brush paint such incredibly fine lines?
    The eyebrow brush has only 8 Taklon Fibers in it. These Taklon fibers are created with an infinitely tapered tip. This means that the tip of the fibers are not cut to length as most brushes are but are chemically altered to taper down to a point so fine that you can't even see it with the naked eye. This is why you can paint micro veins and eyebrow hairs so easily.

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